Friday, March 4, 2011


FINALLY! After much hemming and hawing and God knows how many tentative dates and cancellations, my first absolutely firm, won't-be-changed, carved-in-stone One Man Show in Los Angeles - Saturday, March 19. Here's the official notice:

Desert Realty at 945 Chung King Road

Ed Freeman's award-winning series, "Desert Realty," which has been the subject of a widely reviewed book, numerous magazine articles and a dozen museum shows across the country is having its West Coast debut on Chinatown's famous gallery row - at 945 Chung King Road in downtown Los Angeles.

The large format, saturated color prints are an uncanny amalgam of straight photography and seamless computer manipulation. Pictures of mostly abandoned and decaying buildings in the California desert have been scrupulously retouched and enhanced, their backgrounds stripped out and replaced with flawless surroundings and perfectly matching skies. The resultant, hyperreal images tread a fine line between believability and fantasy, between unflinching documentary and surreal perfection. Limited and open edition prints in various formats, a poster suitable for framing and individually printed, signed greeting cards will be available for purchase.

Opening and artist's reception is on March 19, from 6 - 9 pm. Chung King Road is a walk street; parking on surrounding streets is free after 8:00 pm.


Andi Popescu said...

Beautiful, Ed!
I wish you the best of luck and the best of critique!

northierthanthou said...